Quote: Steve, you have the kind of Burgundies that get people hooked on Great Burgundy! by Ken Johnson, General Manager, Sarasota Yacht Club
  • Authentic and Genuine

    Steve has lived in Burgundy on and off since 1979. He has become personal friends with the winemakers over the years. He is “family” in Burgundy. Experience the true Burgundy with the man they call the “Burgundy Ambassador”.

  • Benefits to Dealing with Us

    Steve does not work through agents. He deals personally with his winemaker friends. Wine comes directly from the private cellars of the winemakers to Steve’s climate-controlled warehouse in NC. Steve eliminates all the other middlemen. Therefore, people buy these quality wines at lower prices.

    Benefits to Dealing with Us

  • Competence and Recognized Excellence

    Steve is not only a Certified Sommelier, but he is internationally recognized as an “expert” in Burgundy. He is downright passionate about these exclusive wines and also about the very special families who grow the grapes and make the wines.

    Competence and Recognized Excellence

  • The Personal Touch

    Steve personally takes care of restaurants and wine shops in NC. He has one partner to help him, the talented Rob Campbell. There are no sales people, no employees. Outside of NC, Steve and Rob personally help wholesalers to understand how special these wines and winemakers are.

    The Personal Touch

  • The Pignatiello Difference

    Others sell wine – mostly the highly marketed, widely available wines. Steve’s winemaker friends give him their personal wines. These are the quality wines that the families reserve for themselves. Steve’s portfolio is like having access to the private cellars of some of France’s top winemakers.

    Why we are different: